I am the founder of data|in|space , a platform for geospatial data (and other data) and their use in social sciences.

datainspace gives social scientists easy access to geospatial and non-traditional data sets and are directly useable in standard statistical software packages.

It is also a platform for researchers to publish tools (i.e. code, scripts) and learning materials and get credit for their work.


replication data

Here you can find the replication data for some of my publicaitons:

Does Democracy Drive Income in the World, 1500-2000?
(with Madsen, J.B. and Skalil, A.) in European Economic Review, 78, 2015: pp. 175-195.
[data & code] [online appendix]

The Media and Discretionary Behaviour of Bureaucrats
in Applied Economics Letters, 20(10), 2013: pp. 945-948.
[Online appendix] [data & code]