Short Course: Using Spatial Data in Applied Economic Research

Lecture 1 - Introduction to GIS

Lecture 2 - Vector Data and Tools

Lecture 3 - Spatial analysis and autoregressive models in Stata

Lecture 4 - Distance, Buffers, and Map Algebra

Lecture 5 - Spatial Discontinuity

ECF2731 Managerial Economics:

(Information provided here is preliminary and can be subject to changes. Please refer to the unit outline for final information!)


Tutorials start in week 2.

Prescribed Textbook:

Hirshey, M. (2016), Managerial Economics, 14th Edition, Cengage Learning

Assessment Summary:

Mid-Semester Test: 30%
In class during lecture in week 7

Tutorial Participation: 10%
Weekly tutorial attendance

Final Exam: 60%
Official Examination Period-TBA

Unit Guide and Frequently Asked Questions:

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