working papers

Conflicts in Spatial Networks
(with Amarasinghe, A., Zenou, Y., and Zhou, J.)

Is Favoritism a Threat to Chinese Aid Effectiveness? A Subnational Analysis of Chinese Development Projects
(with Dreher, A., Fuchs, A., Hodler, R., Parks, B.C., and Tierney, M.J. )

Religiosity and Terrorism: Evidence from Ramadan Fasting
(with Hodler, R. and Strittmatter, A.)

Spatial Diffusion of Economic Shocks in Networks
(with Amarasinghe, A., Hodler, R., and Zenou, Y. ) [online appendix]

Natural Disaster and Risk-Sharing Behavior: Evidence from Rural Bangladesh
(with Islam, A. and Mahmud, M.)
(revise & resubmit at Journal of Risk and Uncertainty)

The Internet as Quantitative Social Science Platform: Insights from a Trillion Observations
(with Ackermann, K. and Angus, S.)
Media: MIT Technology Review, Wired (in German), Daily Mail

Putting One’s Money Where One’s Mouth is: Creating Saliency in the Field
(with Brent, D., Gangadharan, L., and Leroux, A.)

work in progress

Renewable Resources and Regional Economic Activity: The Case of Maritime Fishery in Africa
(with Borsky, S.)

The Effect of Polygamy on Conflict
(with Dickson, A., MacKenzie, I., and Sekeris, P.)

Measuring Economic Development using Daytime Satellite Imagery
(with Ackermann, and Zaman M.)

A Global Subnational Assessment of the Relationship between Economic Development and Environmental Quality
(with Brent, D.)

Internet and Protests
(with Ackermann, K., Angus, S., and Hodler R.)

The Role of Media in Asymmetric Warfare

Floods, Risk Sharing and Inequality Aversion
(together with Islam, A., Mahmud, M., and Rai, B.)

Governmental Flood Relief and Corruption in Bangladesh
(with Islam, A., Choon, L. W.)

Valuation of Australia’s Green Space: A Hedonic Pricing Analysis using the Enhanced Vegetation Index
(with Rosetti, J.)

Climate and Economic Development: A Subnational Analysis
(with Brent, D.)

Do Preferences for Public Goods Depend on the Weather?
(with Brent, D., Gangadharan, L., Lassiter, A., and Leroux, A.)

Learning from Disasters: Evidence from Economic Growth Effects of Tropical Cyclones
(with Amarasinghe, A. and Wong, M. )